Having lived in larger cities such as New York and Seattle and experienced the wonderful bake shops there. We, as the creators and owners of Sweet Dough Bake Shop, brought us to High Point, NC. We have brought these sweet creations here.

Our approach to baking is with an emphasis on family-friendly sweets and we take pride in making them for you. If there is one takeaway from living in various parts of the country, it is that food has a unique ability to bring people together.

Our hope is that these baked goods will bring you, your family and friends together and take you to a delicious place where you have never been.

Again, welcome to Sweet Dough Bake Shop and our website. Please let us know how we can help you in any way. Our contact information is shown below.

Article about Sweet Dough Bake Shop

Discover "Sugar, Spice, & Everything Nice: Sweet Dough Bake Shop", an article written by Haley MaCall.    

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